LiveO2 EWOT Standard Kit or System

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LiveO2 Standard - Oxygen Only System

The Standard System is a good introduction to exercise with oxygen for users who are on a tight budget.

  • + Lowest Cost System
  • + Oxygen Only
  • + Oxygen Multistep Protocol
  • + Complete System or Reservoir Only
  • - About 15 minutes of oxygen
  • - Not suitable for athletic training
  • - Not suitable of brain protocols

Comparing EWOT to Adaptive Contrast 

For most users we recommend the Adaptive Contrast system. The LiveO2 Standard EWOT system is intended for consumer use for basic home sessions with oxygen multistep training. 

Benefits of using AC over Standard (EWOT) reservoir systems include:

  • Increased levels of oxygen in blood plasma and tissues
  • Superior Detoxification
  • Red blood cell creation EPO 
  • Expansion of vascular networks
  • Greater energy and cellular voltage
  • Faster recovery/healing/performance
  • Suitable for Adaptive Contrast Protocols
  • Suitable for Athletic Training


Learn more about the difference between Standard EWOT and Adaptive Contrast here.


Reservoir Design

Our reservoirs are designed with special liner materials. We are using the lowest VOC materials in the design of the reservoir. This ensures that the air you are breathing is as clean as possible. The outside of the reservoir is durable and high quality material that is designed to last for years. They are designed and made in the United States.  All tubing is silicone.

Fill Time

The 5LPM system takes about four hours to fill completely.
The 10LMP system takes about 90 minutes to fill.

Seems like too long to wait? Our Adaptive Contrast systems can fill in as little as 20 minutes.


  • Reservoir Height = 6 Feet 10 Inches 
  • Reservoir Width = 4 Feet 10 Inches
  • Minimum Floor Space = 6 x 5 foot space for exercise equipment and Standard System

Standard EWOT Technology Vs. Adaptive Contrast

The Standard System was the first product that we created over seven years ago. We are proud to be first to market with this innovative EWOT technology. Since creating the standard system we have continued to innovate and create a new line of systems that uses patent pending Adaptive Contrast technology. 

What's in the Box

Each system includes everything you will need to get started with LiveO2 EWOT: 

You have the option to choose one of four concentrator capacities.

  • 0 LPM Capacity - Respirator Kit Only (you must already have a concentrator)
  • 5 LPM Capacity Refurb Only when available (limited 90 day warranty)
  • 5 LPM Capacity - Best for individuals on a tight budget (2 hours to fill before use)
  • 10 LPM Capacity - Best for faster fill time (1 hour to fill before use)
  • All silicone tubing
  • One basic mask kit (upgrade above or add more from the store)

For a system larger than 10 LMP you need an Adaptive Contrast system

Power Supply

We offer power supply configurations for anywhere in the world. If you are in North America you are using 120V / 60 Hz. If you are outside the United States and do not know your residential voltage please refer to this list.  


We offer affordable equipment financing for organizations and individuals. You can learn more the options available or by calling us.

Shipping FAQ

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How much does shipping cost?

Fixed Shipping cost on this two part system is $100 within the continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii come with additional shipping costs. 

Do you ship internationally?

LiveO2 ships worldwide! We use DHL as our international carrier, as they have proven to be consistently reliable as an international shipping partner. Please note: International orders will not be shipped without a valid email address and phone number. Read more...

How fast is shipping?

Orders most often leave the warehouse within 24 hours of being placed, though in some cases it may take up to 72 hours for an order to ship. Read More...

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    I have mine hanging off the wall and it seems to work well

    Posted by Harret on Jan 10th 2021

    I will only be able to tell in a few months if it helps my husband.

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