LiveO2 Level 1 Training Certification


LiveO2 Level 1 Training Certification 

Atlanta Georgia April 27th - 28th  

This event is sold-out

Please join us for our liveO2 level 1 training certification. This day and a half event will provide 10 hours of interactive and fun training on the liveO2 systems and protocol applications. This has been geared towards training the staff members that will be applying the protocols in clinics but is open to anyone wanting a deeper understanding of our systems and training. Upon completion of this training, you will have the option to be listed on our website as a certified liveO2 trainer and receive priority when we are contacted for local demos.

Schedule and details:


O2 Performance and Recovery
11877 Douglas Rd
Ste 108
Alpharetta, GA 30005

Closest Airport

Atlanta International Airport
Airport code: ATL


The training location is approximately 48 minutes from the airport. If enough people are interested we can offer a shuttle on Friday night the 26th from ATL to your Alpharetta hotel.
An UBER ride from ATL to Alpharetta is approximately $60.


Hotels for the selected dates run from $75 - $150 per night.


We will be providing a healthy lunch on Saturday the 27th and snacks/water all day both days.


Training Duration - 10 Hours(day and a half)

Day 1 - April 27, 2019

8:30 am-Arrive

9:00-Introduction round robin

9:15-End goal and expectations for Level 1  training by LiveO2 trainers.

9:30-End goal and expectations for Level 1 training by attendees.

9:45-Outline/description of how the 10 hours will go and time spent.

10:00-History/background of OMST and how it led to where we are now with LiveO2

10:15-Science behind LiveO2

10:30-A narrated sample session with an attendee for all to observe

10:50-A step by step review of the sample session and the reasons for each step.

11:10-A 2nd narrated sample session with more details

11:30-PulseOx use and troubleshooting.

Noon-Provided Lunch

1:00-Appropriate protocol use for various people and situations

1:30-Sessions-Attendees partner up and put each other through a session while being observed.

2:15-Discuss and troubleshooting sessions with attendees.

3:00-Break & Snack

3:30-Safety precautions regarding medical conditions and best practice guidelines

4:15-Sessions 2-Attendees partner up and put each other through a session while being observed.

5:00-Closing comments and outline for day 2 expectations.

DAY 2 April 28, 2019

7:30 Arrive

8:00-System maintenance/troubleshoot  

8:45-Level 2-3 training description.

9:00-A review and observe a session with questions and troubleshooting to follow.

10:00-All attendees conduct "final exam" session 2 at a time to be observed by the others

11:00-Final questions and troubleshooting.

11:30-Presentation of swag and Level 1 certificate

Noon-Depart for home!

Questions? Call us for details!