Magnetic Test Necklace


Info page with videos and test information:


Magnet necklace to test materials for magnetic characteristics. 

  • Healthy mammal tissue should NOT be attracted to any magnet;
  • Blood should be lightly repelled by a magnet.

Please see videos to observe normal magnetism for blood and water and examples of contaminated chicken, beef and pork from stores.

Oxygenated hemoglobin is non-paramagnetic. Deoxygenated hemoglobin is weakly paramagnetic. Any person with enough oxygen in hemoglobin to remain conscious will have diamagnetic blood that be weakly repelled by a magnet.


  1. Hold magnet near sample;
  2. A paramagnetic substance will be attracted to the sample;
  3. Remove magnet from string to test if the strong enough to hold the weight of the magnet.

Understanding Results

  • Both sides of the magnet will be attracted to paramagnetic material;
  • One side will be attracted by magnetic material while the opposite side will be repelled; 
  • Both sides will be lightly repelled from diamagnetic material;

Water, blood and uncontaminated human and animal tissues are diamagnetic and will be weakly repelled by this magnet. Any tissue attracted to the magnet is contaminated.


  • Necklace enables you to take it to store to test meats for magnetism
  • Adjustable necklace is approximately 40 inches
  • Neodymium Ring Magnet
  • Magnet can be easily removed from necklace for adhesion testing


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