New User Coaching


LiveO2 New User Training  

As tens of thousands of LiveO2 users know using LiveO2 isn't as simple as it seems. LiveO2 physiology is usually profound. Our staff has spend a decade working with users of all types. This process enables our staff to on-board a new LiveO2 user by helping them to understand they need to know about LiveO2 to use it to help achieve their health goals.

LiveO2 with Adaptive Contrast includes limited user training for a household because it is packaged and marketed as a direct-to-consumer product. This is generally limited to two end users in a household or clinic environment.

Additional user training is available. 

Training Includes:

      1. Pre-Training Goal Survey. This survey captures the user-goals for the training. (15 minutes)
        • Gathering User's goals for using LiveO2
        • Initial determination of user's athletic condition
        • Documentation of health issues which may affect training safety
        • Creation of a written recommend a draft training strategy
      2. Pre-Training Video Consult. (30 minutes)
        • Explain Basic-Training Strategy
        • Help user understand expectations
        • A number of workouts
        • Progression of duration
        • Suggestions of how to increase
        • Advice on how to recognize success
        • Downloadable Digital Recording of the Pre-Training Video Consultation
      3. Live Video Training (30 minutes)
        • 1 Recorded Live Training Sessions
        • Downloadable Digital Recordings of Sessions




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