Smart Selenium 1 oz bottle

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Product Description

SmartSelenium 1000 is 1000 times less toxic than the widely available “simple” Selenium.

Selenium is an essential mineral that has multiple functions.

  • reduces inflammation
  • supports the body’s ability to fight viruses especially, together with glutathione
  • supports the immune system, fertility, and cognitive function
  • boosts thyroid hormone production
  • important antioxidant
SmartSelenium 1000 is a unique molecular form of Selenium (bivalent-negative Selenium) incorporated in a molecule of fatty acid.

Dr. Revici’s research (who originally developed this type of safe Selenium) data shows that this form of Selenium can be bioaccumulated in the body.

Why “Smart”?

The widely available (cheap) Selenium contains too much selenite (hexavalent-positive Selenium) with toxic effects on animals.

Human intake of commercial selenite is limited to a dosage of only 100 to 150 micrograms by mouth.

How long will a bottle last?

  • 5.5 years – if taken by the minimum daily adult dose of 1 drop per week
  • 9 months – 1 drop per day – 7x minimum Daily adult requirement, Approximately the NIH upper limit
  • 28 days – 10 drops per day. Often recommended by healthcare providers

Each drop of SmartSelenium 1000 contains approximately as much Selenium as 5 brazil nuts.

SmartSelenium 1000 is 1000 times less toxic than the widely available “simple” Selenium.

Scientific studies indicate that Selenium may play an essential role in:

Viral Threat*

Selenium, together with glutathione, strongly supports the ability of the body to fight viruses.

Based on African and Asian AIDS studies, the level of Selenium in the soil can have a marked effect on the immune system, and the ability to fight viral infections.

The selenium level is low around Wuhan, China, and this might have contributed to the severity of COVID-19 in Wuhan.

Mercury Detox

Selenium is a natural antagonist to mercury.

The availability of Selenium enhances mercury (Hg) excretion. Low Selenium levels hinder the excretion of mercury.

Selenium turns highly toxic mercury into nontoxic by the formation of Hg–Se complexes.

Individuals with high Hg levels could benefit from higher Selenium supplementation both for the reduction of mercury’s toxic effects and for the support of mercury’s excretion from the body.

May reduce your risk of certain cancers

In addition to decreasing oxidative stress, Selenium may help lower the risk of certain cancers.

This has been attributed to Selenium’s ability to reduce DNA damage and oxidative stress, boost your immune system, and destroy cancer cells (8).

A review of 69 studies that included over 350,000 people found that having a high blood level of Selenium was associated with a lower risk of certain types of cancer, including breast, lung, colon, and prostate cancers (9).

One study found that oral Selenium supplements improved overall quality of life and reduced radiation-induced diarrhea in women with cervical and uterine cancer (10).

Thyroid Health*

Take Selenium and iodine together for thyroid health.

While iodine is essential for the thyroid to build T4 and T3 hormones, Selenium boosts thyroid hormone production.