Neuro Fusion Protocol System

Was: $325.00
Now: $283.00

LiveO2 recommends this program for:

  • Spring Cleaning to maximize quality of life and all-disease resistance as a tune-up (once or twice a year)
  • Maintain and measure your brain performance to keep you peak
  • Health Challenge Response Kit when you need get clean fast (3x supplement kit)

This system is designed for three different situations:

  • Spring Cleaning - 15 Days for Advanced LiveO2 users fit enough to tolerate fast-detox
  • Normal Pace - The 15 day program spread over 30 Days. Gives more time for users to release toxins with alternating rest days.
  • Neurological Recovery - The Normal Pace program repeated for 3 Months designed for individuals with neurological conditions.

The Neuro Fusion System

This system is a complete solution.

It includes everything you need:

  • 15-30 Day Brain Detox Kit by Oradix (see Below - How Long Does it Take?)
    • ToxDetox
    • StopReaborb
    • Stem Detox
    • Flavin-7
    • EMPower+
    • SmartSelenium
  • Optional: Before and After Neurological Tests
  • Detailed Instructions and Live Support
  • Integrated with LiveO2

You will need a LiveO2 with Adaptive Contrast to do this program

Brain Detox Kit by Oradix

Dr. Janossy is the leading expert in chemical detox. The Oradix system is the most advanced cellular detoxification system. 

LiveO2 provides missing pieces to the Oradix protocol:

  1. Maximum Blood flow during hypoxia to sweep toxins
  2. Oxygen to power-up detox organs
  3. Sustained circulation to filter blood
  4. Rapid fluid turnover to clear mobilized toxins 

Why is this system advanced?

  1. Easy - Overnight use of detoxification does not interfere with daytime activity
  2. Effective - Overnight is the natural detoxification cycle the body uses
  3. Novel - Use of suppository to deliver glutathione
  4. Novel - Use of suppository to deliver EDTA
  5. Effective - Simultaneous use of EDTA and Glutathione removes 3.8 times more toxins
  6. Cost Effective - Simultaneous overnight use EDTA/Glutathione suppositories removes as much toxin as 30 IV chelation sessions
  7. Complete - 9th generation includes many different nutrients which participate in detoxification
  8. As a system with instructions and support.

Why does LiveO2 offer this product?

This detox program takes Brain O2 to the next level. It stocks the body with toxin carriers to transport toxins from the cell to out of the body.

  1. Glutathione and EDTA grab the toxins from the cells.
  2. Smart Selenium to mobilize of heavy metals, mercury, cadmium, and aluminum
  3. Methylated nutrients stock the body of vitamins and minerals to prevent mis-absorption during transport in blood and lymph
  4. Exercise with LiveO2 on low oxygen sweeps the ejected toxins away from cells to the Liver
  5. Exercise with LiveO2 on high oxygen super-charges the Liver to optimize toxin removal
  6. Exercise with LiveO2 on low to high oxygen super-filters the blood through the liver to clear toxins from blood
  7. Charcoal absorbs the toxins from bile to prevent re-absorption in the gut
  8. Exercise with LiveO2 on low oxygen stimulates bile release from anaerobic challenge
  9. Exercise with LiveO2 helps the body expedite gut transit of toxin loaded bile
  10. Exercise with LiveO2 on low oxygen anaerobic switches provoke Human Growth Hormone release to stimulate stem cells
  11. Stem Detox supplement provides nutrients for stem cell activity
  12. Brain O2 super-oxygenates the brain repeatedly to energize brain cells in preparation for next day detox
  13. Brain O2 super-oxygenates the brain to optimize healing
  14. The cycle repeated daily enables the body to rapidly shed toxins and heal with minimum obstacles
  15. High blood flow from LiveO2 training in the morning rapidly eliminates cell-eject toxins to minimize cellular re-absorption.
  16. Smart Selenium to remediate neurological dependencies on toxins
  17. Rapid clearance of toxins prevents Herxheimer's effects because toxins are eliminated quickly and completely.

What's in the Nutrient Kit by Oradix?

  • EDTA / Glutathione nighttime detox kit
  • Flavonoids as super antioxidants and toxin absorbers
  • Brain Micro-nutrients
  • Stem Cell Nutrients & detox agents
  • Charcoal to mop up toxins as they exit the liver




How long does it take?

  • 15 Days for Experienced LiveO2 users and people that train regularly to tune up
  • Up to 30 Days for Beginners - with a rest-day between each training/detox day
  • About 90 days for individuals with neurological conditions

Where do I get Program Support?

What are the differences between this program and the Oradix program?

  • The nutrients, ingredients and prices are identical in both programs.
  • The LiveO2 and Oradix do not compete - this program is only for LiveO2 users
  • LiveO2 only markets this program to LiveO2 Customers.

This chart is intended to help users compare the LiveO2 program to the Oradix Supplement kit to understand why the price is different.

Feature LiveO2 Oradix Cost Explain
Base Nutrients Yes Yes Same Best of Breed - Price Matched Offering for Supplements
Entry and Exit Testing Yes No $130 Improves reliability of results & confidence in success
Base Duration 15 days 30 Days 2x faster LiveO2 expedites detoxification & reduces Herxheimer's detox so faster program is possible
Includes Selenium Yes No $100 Accelerates Mercury removal and reduces stress.
Custom Training Yes No $150 Standard and customized program if needed.
System Price $550 $358  +192 Brain Fusion includes $380 of services not included in the Oradix Product


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    Great Start

    Posted by DeWayne Durr on Aug 20th 2020

    This product is amazing. With 6 days I started seeing improvements in energy. I even had some numbness disappear that I struggle with because of Multiple Sclerosis. I have only done 1 round and I am working on round 2.

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