LiveO2 Standard Respirator Kit

LiveO2 Standard Conversion Kit (EWOT to LiveO2)

This is an Advanced EWOT conversion system, ready to turn your existing 5L or 10 LPM Air Separator into to a high volume LiveO2 Super EWOT system. Comes with LiveO2 Advanced EWOT reservoir, Mask, Pulse Oximeter and all necessary hoses. More information at


  • This high volume, low profile advanced EWOT system is purpose-built for high performance and to deliver the ultimate user experience. Made with the most technologically advanced and inert materials available, the reservoir is designed to provide a chemical free, VOC free user experience. The reservoir is manufactured using a specialized two-ply material; the outer layer provides long term product durability and strength while the inner layer provides an impermeable barrier and is specially manufactured using the highest quality 'food grade' materials. When used according to manufacturers guidelines, this product has a minimum 10 year life expectancy. Most importantly, it's not 'what it is', but rather 'what it does' that sets this advanced EWOT system apart.


Advanced EWOT Oxygen Reservoir, High Volume Breather Hose, High Volume Oxygen Mask
Air Separator Connector Hose and Adhesive Wall Hangers included


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